Suggestions to Expand Battery Life of Your Mobile

Battery is an unavoidable accessory of a mobile phone. Without which, it is impossible to give life to your mobile. An ideal life span of a mobile phone battery is 1 and ½ years to 3 years. The users can have a maximum of 800 charges and discharge cycles within this period. Everyone wants to get an extended battery life of their mobile phones. But in practice, most of the mobile phone batteries did not give longer life for the mobile. There is no need of any frustration, just follow few things to get extended battery life. Here are some useful things to be kept in memory.

oUtilise your battery completely

Most people never allow their mobile to utilise all the battery power. They used to recharge them before utilising the battery power completely. It is essential to get the most from your mobile battery for preventing it from memory effect. Memory effect is nothing but your battery may forget to  recargas telcel  recharge fully if you charge it partially. It can be cleared with an example.

Suppose you have charged your battery fully. Then your handset utilises only half of it. Before recharging the second time, your battery will gradually forget about its remaining 50% capacity. This will be remained idle. Then your battery will function with the 50% of the original capacity. A simple suggestion to avoid such a memory effect is always discharge your battery completely before recharging it. This suggestion will not be applicable while you have Lithium-Ion battery.

oNever allow your battery to be inactive

It is unfair to leave your battery as idle for longer. The life span will automatically reduce. If you plan to keep them dormant, you have to clean it well and keep in a safety place.

oAlways prefer manufacturer’s guide

If you want to have longer battery life for your handset, it can be easily done by following the instructions given by the manufacturer. It will be useful for your handset to protect over charging.

oKeep the battery clean

Always use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean your mobile phone battery. You can get an ideal interaction between your handset and battery.

oKeep away from heat

Heat is a first enemy to your battery charger. Therefore it is fair to keep your handset away from direct sun light and other sources of heat. You may not notice that you have kept your handset always on the car dash board which is hot. Like the same way, over cold is also allergic for mobile phone batteries.



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